Introduction to Music for Kids (Pre-Instrumental)

This course is designed for young children who are learning to read and write.  The building blocks of music theory are learned and explained with songs, games, activities, and visual demonstrations, all in a fun environment. The goal is to foster musicianship in young children while their hands are still too small to play / hold an instrument and while concentration and co-ordination are developing. Children who have begun their instrument are also welcome; this class will reinforce the theory they are learning with their practical.

The Building Blocks of Music:

Inner hearing
Development of singing skills
Phrasing and structure

How the Building Blocks are learned:

Feel it
Hear it
Sing it
Repeat it
Learn it
See it
Recognise it
Use it
Enjoy it
Question it
Show it

The Kodály approach is used in the class.  This is an Early Childhood Education methodology which originated in Hungary and is a very popular way of teaching music from early childhood education up to advanced study for adults.  The classes feature echo clapping, percussion and rhythm games, singing in sol-fa (do, re, mi), and using rounds. The course also includes workshops on different instruments, understanding how they work and recognising the sound of each.

“To teach a child an instrument without first giving him preparatory training and without developing singing, reading and dictating to the highest level along with the playing is to build upon sand” -Zoltan Kodaly

Schedule for September 2023 (Provisional):

The Intro to Music runs for 30 weeks from mid-September to mid-May.

Please note that class times may change approaching September to cater for demand.

Wednesday 3.45-4.15  Pre-school & Junior Infants
Wednesday 4.30-5.10  Junior & Senior Infants
Wednesday 5.20-6.00  Senior infants & 1st/2nd class 
Wednesday 6.10-6.50  Intro/Ukulele (ages 6-8)

Saturday 10.15-10.55  Senior infants & 1st/2nd class 
Saturday 11.10-11.50  Junior & Senior Infants
Saturday 12.00-12.30  Pre-School & Junior Infants
Saturday 1.00-1.30      Intro/Ukulele (ages 6-8)

Please note that while COVID-19 restrictions are in operation at Coláiste Phádraig, parents cannot attend the class or wait in the hallways.  Only the student attending the class may enter the building.  This is for everyone’s safety.