Lucan School of Music COVID-19 Terms and Conditions


For September 2022 we have the following Terms and Conditions for Health and Safety due to COVID-19

Coláiste Phádraig will allow the Lucan School of Music to continue to use the school premises under the following conditions:

  1. Only the student attending the class will be permitted to enter the school building.
  2. There will be no waiting area, so students must arrive at the time of their class and not before.
  3. At all times we will follow government advice from the Department of Heritage, Culture and the Gaeltacht on whether or not we can teach at our premises based on restrictions at the time. Online classes will be offered as an alternative with a reduction of 10% on fees as outlined below.
  4. Should there be HSE intervention at Coláiste Phádraig / Lucan School of Music, we will not be permitted access to the premises.  In this scenario, we will return to online learning.
  5. We are restricted to the use of one toilet facility to ensure that this can be appropriately disinfected after use.

Lucan School of Music will ensure the following for Individual / Learn with a Friend lessons:

  1. Social distancing will be observed by teachers and administrators
  2. Hand sanitiser will be available in each classroom and students will be asked to use it when they enter, and when they leave.
  3. Instruments / Equipment will be disinfected after each student.
  4. Online learning will be available to students who are vulnerable or have a vulnerable family member and do not wish to attend on site.
  5. Parents who wish to observe a lesson (as a practice aid or any other reason) will be given the opportunity to do so virtually, as they cannot enter the premises.

Contingency Plan for COVID-19 Closure

  1. Students signing up for this term should be aware that in the event of a COVID-19 closure, we will go straight to online learning and cannot offer contingency dates for covid closures. Refunds will be given to those students who cannot learn online.
  2. Should it prove necessary to switch to online learning in Term 1, a financial rebate of 10% for those online classes will be issued to reflect that this is not our ideal service. This will be given to students in the form of a deduction from Term 2 fees in January based on the duration of closure and how many ‘face to face’ classes were replaced with online classes in Term 1.  This rebate will only be applied in the event of a long-term closure, and will not be applied if an individual teacher has to teach online while self-isolating.
  3. Online classes will be treated the same as appointments on our premises. Any exemption from participating in online classes must be agreed in advance of the start of term.  If you wish to be exempt for reasons of age / access / technical reason, please contact us as soon as possible.  It is necessary to do this to set out our yearly budget accurately and secure the livelihood of teachers and staff in all circumstances.  In the case of an exemption, balances from any online classes will be given in the form of a deduction from Term 2 fees in January.

We ask that:

  1. Students follow the safety measures put in place while in the school premises.
  2. No student attends if they are symptomatic or unwell, or if they have been a close contact of a positive case of COVID-19.  This is for everyone’s protection, and an online alternative may be offered if applicable.

Should we need to add to or amend the above, this will be communicated to students with as much notice as possible.