Lucan School of Music General Terms and Conditions

The Lucan School of Music is a music school, teaching music performance and theory classes on an individual and group basis.

The school aims to provide a safe environment in which young people can develop performance ability and knowledge of music theory through the teaching and playing of music.

Rules of attendance

  1. The Lucan School of Music does not accept certain types of behaviour, e.g. bullying, violence, sarcasm, name-calling, favouritism, abusive language or gestures, negative criticism of values, beliefs and opinions, and negative highlighting of physical, social cultural or emotional differences, and will intervene to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all.
  2. Students and parents should respect the premises and leave the school clean and in good condition.
  3. Good behaviour and respect for teachers is essential. Respect for other students is also important, as disruptive behaviour can prevent others from learning.
  4. The Lucan School of Music reserve the right to refuse re-enrolment if a student or parent is continually disruptive, causes damage to the school premises / equipment, or puts the safety of themselves or others at risk.  Serious offenders could be at risk of losing their place at the school and / or term fees paid.
  1. In the case of players under 18 years old, parents or guardians shall be notified and consulted in an attempt to rectify the situation before any disciplinary action is taken. Subsequent to this if there is no improvement in behaviour, the school shall have the right to impose an appropriate penalty.
  2. Families in attendance should follow our COVID policies which will react to the current guidelines and requirements of CBS.

Paying Term fees

There are two terms each year and an invoice will be sent for Term 1 in August, and Term 2 in January.

An invoice will be generated each term via Easy Payments Plus and can be paid by Credit Card online or by cash at any PayZone outlet.

Monthly installment options are available when paying online; these payments will be taken from the designated card each month.

Late payments could result in a student losing a place with their teacher.  Any special circumstances should be discussed with office staff.



Missed Classes

  1. If a teacher misses a class, the following options may be offered:
    The class will be re-scheduled pending the student’s availability,
    OR An online alternative may be offered
    OR An extra week may be added to the current term
    OR The cost of the class will be deducted from the price of the following term.
    This will depend on each individual teacher and the availability of the student as well as the school’s calendar. The Lucan School of Music will strive to ensure that no enrolled student pays for any lesson that they do not receive and if none of the above solutions apply a refund will be given.
  2. Should the school need to close for any reason (e.g. adverse weather conditions) the school may open during holidays at their discretion.  These dates will be marked as contingency days in the calendar.
  3. If a student misses a class they are not entitled to a refund for that class as the teacher’s time is booked for that time for the whole term, and the teacher will be at the school for the designated time of the class whether the student is or not. On occasion it may be possible to re-schedule the lesson based on the teacher’s availability; this will depend on the circumstance and the amount of notice given.
  4. The Lucan School of Music reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher when necessary. Notice of this will be given where possible.
  5. Long term absences due to injury / serious illness:  If a student cannot complete the term due to a serious injury / illness, we will adjust fees or refund accordingly.  A doctor’s cert may be required.
  6. Long-haul travel:  We cannot make any concession for travel.  Students should consider whether they wish to attend for a term if they will miss a significant number of weeks due to travel as we cannot refund classes for such absences.


Parents should be aware of school policies and procedures especially the school’s Child Protection policy

Parents and students are welcome to discuss progress or provide feedback to teachers and / or the school office.  Any issues / concerns that arise must be communicated to the office of the Lucan School of Music at once to give us a chance to resolve the situation. This must be done at the time of the incident / event in question and not at the end of the term, especially if a refund is requested. Refunds will only be issued in extreme circumstances after every effort has been made to resolve the situation and a suitable alternative has not been found.

Interrupting class:

We ask that parents and students show respect for other students in class

  1. Parents should talk to teachers at the beginning of the class if they have concerns, rather than at the start of the next student’s class.
  2. We ask that office queries be directed to 01 6217852 or rather than class time be taken up with administration queries.

Other Policies